Roberto Giannotti

Coral necklace

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Elegance, versatility and precious stones

Roberto Giannotti 's coral necklace evokes the depths of the sea and gives the jewel a timeless elegance.

Made with coral paste and 750/°°° gold, this splendid necklace features an intricate openwork angel design as its central element. The angel symbolizes protection and grace, while the coral adds a vibrant and unique charm to your look, bringing with it a feeling of harmony and vitality.

In addition to the materials and finishes, what makes this necklace truly unique is its central element, designed to offer you a double style experience !

You can choose to wear the iconic silhouette of the angel , which brings with it a sense of protection and grace, or opt for the elegance of natural stone .

750/°°° gold
crew neck length: 40/45
central diameter: 0.8 cm