Roberto Giannotti

Necklace with cross in gold and diamonds

SKU: PZ677

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Necklace with cross in gold and diamonds.

The necklace with a gold cross and diamonds is a jewel that shines with its own light .
The cross reinterpreted in this jewel in a modern way is an ancient symbol that has a profound and significant meaning .

Its design is elegant and sophisticated , composed of gold and diamond finishes that make it unique and valuable . The diamonds , set in gold , shine like stars in the sky and add a touch of brilliance to this necklace .

This modern cross necklace is a suitable choice for those looking for a symbol of faith or just an accent of beauty . Wearing this necklace is a way to carry with you a message of hope , faith and love .

750/°°° gold

total ct 0.065
crew neck length 40/42/45 cm
cross: base 0.8 cm - height 0.8 cm