Roberto Giannotti

Men's red cord bracelet with silver and diamond element


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The red cord bracelet with silver and diamond element is a jewel with a simple and essential design made unique by the angel, an iconic element of the brand laser engraved on the back of the silver element.

The red waxed cord with silver seal is characterized by knots, designed to symbolically strengthen the bond between the person wearing the jewel and his angel.

Roberto Giannotti 's MAN line is a collection with a minimal understatement spirit for a masculine style with a highly recognizable DNA that is the spokesperson for the contemporary.

Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas...
This men's bracelet is the perfect gift for multiple occasions!

ct 0.01
adjustable bracelet
angel: base 0.5 cm - height 0.6 cm
element: base 0.8 cm - height 0.7


For this new launch, the pack Roberto Giannotti and the booklet angels are presented in a new guise with a contemporary design and contrary to any form of homologation: the result is a precise attribute of style!