Roberto Giannotti



The goldsmith tradition of the Giannotti family, now at the third generation, started in the Fifties when Amedeo Giannotti began his activity in a small artesanal workshop in San Biagio dei Librai in Naples' downtown.


The goldsmith tradition of the Giannotti's started in the 50' when Amedeo Giannotti began his activity in Naples' historical centre. Then his son Roberto expanded the businnes, infusing new life to the Maison.

Supported by his wife Lucia, Roberto meets suppliers and retailers all around the country, spreading and consolidating the brand. Vincenzo, son of his father the master Roberto, embarks on new roads, developing and realizing new lines. In 2001 was created the "Angeli" collection, masterful jewelry art, realized for the most important jewellers.

Inspired by the desire of everyone to find his own Guardian Angel, these beautiful jewels represent the beginning of a real "Angels Philosophy". Giannotti production's flagship, the "Angeli" collection is a special gift for all occasions and celebrations. And special is the packaging as well. Any jewel is provided by a customized shopper and case and by the golden booklet of 72 Guardian Angels too.

In 2006, the "Angeli" collection's experience gave rise to another great success: the exclusive "Chiama Angeli" collection. These jewels with their sweet sound, provide a unique experience and evoke loving thoughts.

The made in Italy

The story of Roberto Giannotti Maison has deep roots, and it takes inspiration from its past, but at the same time the brand looks to the future with confidence and determination. The manifacturing of Roberto Giannotti creations is the perfect fusion between classic workmanship and modern technology.

Each creation is studied and designed with deep care and it flows into a finished product just when it fully meets all quality, originality and elegance criteria. Roberto Giannotti's jewels are strictly made in Italy, as revealed by the beauty of design and quality of the used materials.

A unique style

The Roberto Giannotti Maison designs, develops and creates precious dreams, jewels with an added value: an emotion, a love story, a loving bond between mother and child, emotions linked to the big events in a life.

Small masterpieces able to give an emotion, a unforgettable moment to live. The exclusive identity of Roberto Giannotti Maison stands out in goldsmith panorama for its originality and attention to the details.

A unique style that is expressed deeply by the “Angeli” collection, inspired by the Guardian Angels, evoking sweet and charming emotions. The beauty, the design and the feelings created by these jewels blend together in such a sublime and natural way.The elegance of the product can also be inferred from the care in packaging.

It's easy to recognize this deep care taking part to the “Angels Day”, a unique event, thought to spread the “Angels Philosophy”. The event aimed at all the fans of the brand is organized at exclusive dealers, thought to know our own Guardian Angel, it reproduces a charming atmosphere, a magic moment that only Roberto Giannotti Maison could conceive and design with such passion and accurate care.