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Call Angels in pink silver and zircon heart


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Call Angels in pink silver and zircon heart

An elegant and significant jewel that combines refined design with the ancient tradition of the protective talisman of guardian angels . Made of high quality 925 silver , it features a delicate pinkish finish that gives the jewel a romantic and feminine look.

The pendant is embellished with a central heart , a symbol of love and affection.
The surface of the heart shines thanks to the presence of sparkling white zircons , giving a touch of light and refinement to the jewel.

The Angel Caller is equipped with a small bell inside which emits a delicate and harmonious sound when shaken. According to tradition, this sound is able to attract the attention of guardian angels , creating an atmosphere of protection, serenity and positivity around the wearer.

The pendant goes perfectly with any style or occasion. It comes with a silver chain which completes the elegant look.

The Angel Caller in Rose Silver with Heart and White Zircons is an ideal gift for those who believe in the existence of guardian angels and wish to carry with them a symbol of protection and grace. It is perfect for celebrating special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or as a gift for a loved one.